Slow Season

 It took me until this weekend to set aside my summer clothes.  It has been warmer here in October than it was in July, so I had put off the inevitable.  But with the changing of the clocks and the first log fire of the season, the time had clearly come.

I unpacked: two flannel Camber dresses, two wool skirts, and three warm cardigans.  All handmade.

There is a jangling of empty hangers in my wardrobe, but they have a pleasant chime.  I am not in a rush to fill them.

I started work on a new winter coat a few weeks ago. 

I am using Marilla Walker’s Maya Dress pattern, with some self-drafted sleeves which owe a lot to a 1960’s Simplicity blouse pattern.

The fabric is a herringbone wool mix, which is not as heavy as I expected.  It is a “dressing up” coat rather than a weather-resistant one.

This weekend I got as far as making a bagged lining, and now it is hanging up to find its shape as the wool relaxes.  At the moment I have an unintentional scalloped hem!

I have ordered some gorgeous vintage buttons.  I am still deciding whether or not to try my hand at bound buttonholes.

Slow and steady, little by little, I am making a coat.

And when my first Skein Queen club surprise package arrived the other day, the plan for matching knits came together a little more clearly.  Ooh!  Lovely!

I am not completely sure, but I think I will make a scaled-down version of the Sunwalker shawl by Melanie Berg.  I only have 400m and the full-sized Sunwalkertakes more than twice as much yarn.