Retreat and updates

I am headed out this morning to the Abbey of Gethsemani to seek some quiet solitude.  I am already going into quiet mode, no TV, no radio, no TALKING, after I say good bye to my 24 yr old son, the only speech I will hear is the wind in the trees, birds chirping and the monastery bell in the distance when I am deep in their 1200 acre woods and ocassionally the monks in their services….when I attend.

My doctors have indicated that while my numbers are increasing, I should “keep”(my word not theres’)  until my Nov 16th apptment in Little Rock.  At MIRT that week,  all the usual, BMB, PET, contrast MRI, Ct scan, bone density, 30 vials of blood extracted and the genetic determination through
DNA gene expression profiling to determine if my translocation of Chromosome 14 and chromosome 16 (IGH and MAF genes) has increased.  This translocation is abnormal  and is “unfavorable  and negatively impacts both event-free survival , overall survival and has implications for the design of risk-adapted strategies.”
(their words)
That, of course does not sound very good.  My  UAMS Doctor  has been in and out over the past month so much I hope he is not leaving to join Dr. Bart Barlogie at Sinai hospital in New York.   While I love NY, I don’t think I can afford Park Avenue medical care.   I looked up that hospital, it is like 98 Street and 100 and something avenue and has hospital rooms looking down over Central Park, a lovely view!  And why ruin another city, like Little Rock, Ark. is now ruined forever.

Enough about that.

So, all my readers out there,  Carpe Diem.  And as I have been told recently by a wonderful person ,  “We have no promise of tomorrow only of  today.” and as it says in the good book,

 Give no thought for the morrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (His words)

Besides, tomorrow will have some wonderful things along with the bad. (my words)