Latest labs all trending upward

Well, my previous post indicated the invoices arrived before the results and I now wished neither had arrived!  My M-protein is up, along with Total Kappa serum, Kappa/lambda light chains ratio in serum,  Urine showing higher Protein, higher protein/ Creatnine ratios and to top it all off…..the abnormal protein band @ 36mg/24 hr in the urinalysis.

Have sent all to Little Rock, Dr. Z is out of the country until next week…. and have also  asked Dr. Thompson at Tenn. Onc. to give me his thoughts on these tests….. waiting for their replies…
However,  I am marginally intelligent and have read up on the data.  None of these results is a
good sign.   At the very least the smoldering myeloma is now kicking production into a higher gear of
cell growth and in the coming months?  in all liklihood the diagnosis will be that I now have stage I Myeloma.   If that is what happens I want Dr. Z to start treating this ASAP by harvesting my stem cells before they are too damaged and store them for later  and possibly 3 transplants.  Of course I am not a Doctor and do not know how they determine when to take out the plasma stem cells? nor do I know when they actually start treating early stage Myeloma?  I think I may have to wait!  until my November 16th UAMS trip to have the bone marrow biopsy for that to be determined….
I am ready to attack now…..NOT Later!  When Dr. Z surfaces,  after he gets back to me following reading my latest local tests I am calling and pressing his nurse to see if I need a Bone Marrow now, maybe here in Tennessee or in Little Rock…I do not care which or where it is done.

I was so tired this morning when my 5:15 alarm sounded….. I slept in until 7 ish….which is late for me
and took the day off.    I am glad I did, it is pouring the rain and I-24 is a nightmare from here to Hopkinsville.   I did some work on cases that will not wait and had my secretary tell clients I will call them monday.   Am feeling tired and believe a UTI is coming on strong.   I have been drinking extra water to flush out the excess bad plasma/protein from my kidneys,  but apparently that is not working.
It figures, I would get sick on a weekend, but hell it is raining anyway, so a trip to the Mini Clinic tomorrow may be in store for me.  

Some good news, my daughter has requested I prepare my special Beans and Cornbread for sunday dinner.   And I got to fix lunch for my son today before he went to work…..Ah, the precious, simple things that I am learning to savour when they happen and to store up for later…….

Until later,