In Limbo

Don’t publish without a picture, I thought.

But what sort of image do I want to present?

“Sunset over the farm” strikes me as self-dramatizing.

An unravelled sock?

Even worse!

How about a cheerily upbeat photo of my latest obsession – a crochet cardigan in neon pink and green?

A symbol of keeping calm and carrying on and storming through my days in a blazingly positive fashion forward leftfield sort of way?
Um.  Yeah.

This is what is happening (and thank you for asking):

FL’s myeloma is back.
His upper left arm is peppered with lytic lesions (holes in the bone), the largest of which is 2cm in diameter.
He is lucky not to have a fracture.
This is causing excruciating pain, which the doctors at first assumed was the aftermath of shingles.
When they finally ordered xrays, the true cause was all too clear.
I’m not blaming them.  They knew that as soon as an xray showed progression of his myeloma, they would have to withdraw the super-drug (Pomalidomide).
He is having radiotherapy next week, to tackle the pain.
Then back to the hospital the week after to Consult.
So right now we are in limbo.

In other news, we still do not have an internet service at home.  BT has been singularly incompetent, but there is no other line-provider to our remote corner of the countryside, so we just have to keep plugging away at them to remind them that no, we do not yet have a broadband connection and could they please fix it?
I await attempt two to provide us with a new router.
They could not find us.  LOL
Why not follow the cable from the telephone exchange?!

I am being Restructured.
One by one members of my team are being redistributed around the organisation, to sometimes surprising places.
I do not yet know where I will end up.
My meeting with the boss has been postponed three times so far.
This is added stress which I do not need and it is very tempting to Voluntarily Sever myself.
However, I am going to wait and see what is on offer. 
You never know, it might be a Good Thing.

I have a finished object!
My Epistrophy cardigan just requires buttons and a photoshoot – woo hoo!

Always end on a positive note, Roo.