Great time at the Abbey Retreat

I am back from my peaceful retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani.  This place is awesome, quiet solitude on 1200 acres of Kentucky woods.  I was outside the minute I got my stuff into my room,  I stayed on the monastery side, which is older and kinda Harry Potter like, but 19th century american remodeled.
I hiked all friday afternoon, all day saturday and sunday, stopping only to sleep and eat dinner and supper.  The monks call it that instead of lunch and dinner….ole’ timey term for it.  The food was excellent, mostly vegetables but prepared wonderfully.  The monks do the cooking and one of them must be French for we had Seafood pasta and french onion soup fit for the finest Paris restaurants!
And one day we had a black-eyed pea soup which was amazing because black eyed peas to me have always been bland and only good for luck at New Years!

I had time to reflect and chill and come to grips with my condition and what will happen to me!
It is out of my control and I must accept that and live my life the best I can enjoying each day….

I was very calm the first day back and am practicing relaxation techniques to maintain that level of chill.

Yesterday I got home bought a roaster chicken and salad to eat with a loaf of good bread….. I was so tired I went to bed at 6 pm and slept till 4 am !!!!!
Man was I tired…….

Got up to view the meteors from the Orionids shower, however when I went outside saw none for the first 10 minutes…..went back inside for a while then outside again only to confront
really bad skunk smell……this neighborhood has a lot of “stripped Kitties” as I call skunks.
And something must have frightened this one cause the smell is very strong.

One sprayed outside my cell at the monastery…!!!!  I was 3 stories up and the smell was so intense
I had to close my window and my room only aired out the next day!!

I must attract skunks,   my motto   should be  “Pepe la Pew”