FO: Epistrophy Yoke Cardigan by Kate Davies

Proof, if ever it was required, that JUST KNITTING IT gets things knitted!
I have wanted to knit a Yoke by Kate Davies since the first sneak peeks of the book appeared on Kate’s blog.  
I decided to knit Epistrophy from stash, using Skein Queen Voluptuous.  I had one giant variegated green / pink skein from a club shipment, and a partial skein of plummy pink purchased from a fellow-Raveller’s destash.
However, as I started to knit, it soon became clear that I would need more yarn.  I searched Ravelry for other club members who had already used part of their green skein, and contacted the person whose lovely cowl looked the closest in colour to my sweater-in-progress.  I was very very lucky, because this lady had TWO skeins, and offered to sell me both for a bargainous price.  Thank you again, if you are reading this J
I worked on this project fairly monogamously, despite numerous distractions.
Sleeves are just as portable as socks – who knew?!  I raced up the body and the sleeves, eager to get to the colourwork.

There was a pause while I tried to remember how to steek.  Not having internet at home meant I couldn’t just look it up when I needed to. 
Eventually I took the plunge and tried to copy what I seemed to have done on Betty Jean McNeil.  Honestly?  I bodged it.
I managed to cut beyond my crocheted reinforcement, and created a lovely frayed edge. 
Just as well I had bought some of Kate’s pretty grosgrain ribbon to cover the steek on the inside!
There was another pause to obtain buttons.
Fortunately, my friend Christine was in town one day and gave me a reason to take a day off to go to the local wool shop, where we found the perfect match. 
Being sensible, she told me to buy an extra one… and serendipity struck again because I ended up with eleven buttonholes instead of the ten I aimed for.
Epistrophyby Kate Davies, in the smallest size
Yarn:  Skein Queen Voluptuous in the colours Don’t Go Outside (green) and Plumberry.
Needles:  one size smaller for the sleeves, one size bigger for the colourwork.
Other:  Buttons and ribbon, as mentioned.
It is a good fit, straight from the pattern.  I got gauge despite not doing anything to check it.
My only niggling doubt is the neckline. 
I find myself tugging the hem downwards to stop the neck from standing proud of my shoulders.  Kate’s introduction to the pattern points out that it is low and wide and straight. 
I think my colourwork is just a little too tight, causing the neckline to slide up.  I thought about using more grosgrain ribbon to reinforce the neck and shape it at the ideal low and wide level.  However, I am hoping that my yoke-knitting will relax in wear, making this unnecessary.
Of course, this means I will have a bare neck…

The good news about that is that I have plenty of green yarn left – the perfect excuse to make a matching cowl to cover the gap!