Another goodbye…..

I’m writing this feeling really numb. I heard the news this morning that one of my really good myeloma friends passed away last night. She was only 50 and I met her in the early days of my diagnosis, 6 years ago. She taught me that my diagnosis didn’t have to get in the way of life, and not only did she say that to me, but she proved it to me in the way that she led her life. She was the most amazing mum, wife and friend and even near to the end, to those of us who saw her, she kept smiling and kept inspiring.

Those of you who read my blog will know that I have to write posts like this far too often for my liking…I have always said that it is the worst thing about making friends who can support us through with their own experiences of myeloma. At some stage we end up saying goodbye to them. But I wouldn’t give it up. Her friendship meant the world to me….I just wish I had told her and made sure that she knew. The tears come yet again as Nick and I realise quite how lucky we have been to date.

I will miss my friend dearly. I saw her and her husband not too long ago. I think that perhaps they knew what was coming more than I wanted to admit to myself. I can’t do much, and it is too late for the research to help her and her beautiful family, but I will be thinking what I can now do to remember her. With love, tears and much sadness………