So This is Fifty

Shameless knitter in the workplace

So… here I am, half a century young.
I woke to find that FL had lain my birthday card on the pillow beside me.  It opened to reveal pop-up butterflies… or moths, we joked, now that I am old and moth-eaten!
And on reaching the breakfast table, still somewhat bleary-eyed, I found… a spinning wheel!

I don’t know whether it is functional, or purely ornamental.
FL reckons “it works” but I don’t yet know where he found it, (no doubt a story for another day) so it will require some basic checks to ensure it has all the necessary moving parts.
Wow!  A tad overwhelming, but wow!

Um yes, I always pose for selfies at lunchtime, sir!

Also awaiting me this morning was a wonderful handknitted gift from my BFF Christine.
It is Lush by Tin Can Knits – and it fits perfectly.
I love the buttons she and her daughter chose :)
I wore it to work today.
The best thing about a handknitted gift is that the Other Knitter is more likely than me to weave in all her loose ends – there are no mini skeins left dangling in either sleeve, unlike all of my me-made sweaters / cardis!  LOL

Is that a spinning wheel I see before me?

So… how did I get on with “49 Before 50”?
In the end, I drummed up 41 goals.
I fully achieved 16 of them.
I fully failed on 5 of them.
The rest were “partially implemented”.
Not too bad!
The 5 failures were an odd mix.
Would you believe that I failed to Walk on the Beach?

No – just a time machine

Considering I can see the sea from the car on my drive to work, this is inexcusable!  I could probably walk there in my lunch break!  So that is what I must do, sooner rather than later.
That would also contribute to my fitness goals.
Yeah… those were failures too.
But there are lots of positives to report. 
Best of all, I was True to Myself.
 And… I Learned To Spin.
Which is just as well under the circumstances!

Performance art?