Slow Progress

Sorry it’s been a while. A couple of weeks ago I had a short (Fri-Sun) stay in hospital – they wanted to test for c.difficile after my poo went green!! Tests were negative and they really needed the room, so out I came! It seems a bit two steps forward and one back atm. I’ve had an appt today and though the graft has fully taken and my neutrafils are normal (can fight off bacterial infections OK) my immune system is much lower than it should be by now so I am very vulnerable to viral infections. Leicester are arranging some sort of injections to help protect me – more info on that when it starts. I feel a bit paranoid about the low levels, but apart from hospital visits I don’t go into any public places and Bob has had his flu jab which should take effect soon.

I had a bone marrow biopsy – you may remember from previous posts that they have not been able to get any fluid or core from me for quite a while. This time after a lot of struggling they got a bit of fluid but no core. Still bruised after two weeks! However, the fluid looked fairly positive on the disease front and for those in the know, my paraproteins levels are good.

I am still pretty weedy although I can walk further now so can be out for about 15 mins or so if I take it slowly. My appetite is not brilliant, so I need to try and get a bit more down me, especially protein. Still being fed through the stomach tube at night.

Other medical niggles are things like sore and watery eyes, sensitive mouth, tongue and skin generally. More annoyingly I get low moods on and off – probably related to coming down on the steroids, but possibly also being quite isolated in the house all day I guess, though I am fairly good in my own company and have lists of things I need to do. Just a question of fighting through – I do some exercise or a specific task.

My hair is just starting to come back – looks very grey. Unfortunately I am also affected by hirsutism from the drugs, so I have definite sideburns and am fighting a losing battle against a moustache and beard!! Perhaps I should raise money for Movember! Can’t shave or cream it off so I am putting up with it. It’s not the most important problem I have to face.

So just plodding along at home, interspersed with occasional hospital visits.