Copacetic Kebabs



  1. in excellent order.
    “he said to tell you everything is copacetic”

How else to store your Turkish spindle-loads of singles than as kebabs on a 10mm knitting needle?
I can really see the improvement from lower to upper yarn-balls.
I am about to start my third spin of this Mixed Jacob braid from Fondant Fibre.  Will it be even thinner?  I hope so!

In sock news, I have just worked the heel shaping on my second Optio sock.
I still can’t quite get my head around how this sock fits, but it does.
These are for FL, because he doesn’t have any self-striping socks.  How is that even possible?!

I am cracking on with the Big Red Doily (blanket) and am now onto the third skein of Cascade Eco Plus, at row 138 of the pattern.  I have decided to aim for the small size blanket, which is supposed to fit a twin-size bed.  This will still take me into a fifth skein of yarn, if my calculations are correct.  Gulp.

I am not happy with my Brickless scarf.  The proportions are not as expected, and I fear it is going to have too much long skinny dangle going on.  RRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIP!

I thought it was about time I showed you my new uniform.
This is the dark denim Peggy skirt I made in February this year.
My diary tells me that I wear this at least twice a week, sometimes ahem four times a week!
For a garment that was almost sent to landfill, that’s pretty impressive!
However, after that many outings, it is starting to develop a saggy bottom and I really need to get on the case to make a back-up garment.
Why do I love it so much?  I think it is the sturdiness of that organic cotton denim, in such a solid shade of cobalt blue.  (The fabric came from here.)  It goes with everything.  The shape I eventually pared it down to is a gentle A-line:  not too wide and definitely not a pencil.  So it is that elusive blend of smart and casual.
You see it here with a new shop-bought shirt (Howies, organic cotton, bought in a half-price flash sale) and my second-hand Jack Wills shetland-feeling-wool yoked cardigan (made in China) which has started falling apart and is darned in several places.
At the risk of making promises I will fail to keep, it is my plan to take this outfit as the basis for my next few projects.

I have had the Pauline Alice Carme blouse pattern for ages.

I still have my tracing of the Bluegingerdoll Peggy skirt pattern, which I can hack to match the final version of my skirt.

And I have pre-ordered Kate Davies’s forthcoming book Yokes ooh yeah!

It is noon on Sunday.  If I just shut down this laptop now, get off my lazy bottom and head upstairs, I could have a skirt half-made before it is time to make dinner.