To Mothers everywhere

Today is especially poignant since it is mother’s day 2014.   My mother died on July 16, 1991, the summer of my sons first year.  Mother as a “single” mom raised me with much help from my Aunt.  My mother taught me to be tough, probably better than most fathers could have taught me the same skills.  I owe a lot to her upbringing and to the upbringing and guidance of my aunt who did not let me starve and kept me clothed in the 60’s.  I now look back and consider myself lucky to have really had 2 moms and to have their love and guidance for as long as I did.

Also thanks goes out to all the other women out there who are mothers, aunts and sisters too!  Without your guidance and poise in teaching the children,  countless generations of our youngsters would have no where to turn for a loving hand to maturity in life.