Thank You Revlimid!

So I always begin my blog musings thinking and saying I will be brief, and wind up being very long winded! But this time I really will be brief, as I rattled on so much on my last blog entry!

Here’s Birdie intrigued by my water/pedialyte mix,
plus she loves to peck the keyboard with me as I type this. 

I received rather good news yesterday at my monthly oncology appointment. My friend Revlimid is doing it’s chemical thing well, and my IgA levels decreased! Go 10mg!!! And to think I was worried going from 5mg to 10mg. Ok, I’ll cut myself some slack here, as 10mg in 2010 along with 40mg Dex, (along with all my other meds, along with being newly diagnosed) was quite the challenging adventure.

IgA from this most recent blood work was 1150 (70-400 scale).
That’s down from 1400 in March/April (and better still from 1800+ Dec/Jan). Yippee!!!
That still puts me around 3x the high end of normal range, but I like the downward slide! I’ll continue on the 10mg (indefinitely?), and if need be, bump up to 15mg and see what happens.
M-Protein = 0.81. Just go away Myeloma and leave me alone!!!

 Look who’s hiding on Jim’s beautiful rose!

So far, my side effects are tolerable… well kinda. I’m not a fan of being so tired and fatigued, but I’ll take that over hugging “John” from hardcore IV infusions! I also have some buzzing, Neuropathy, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision and still some GI unrest, but not as bad as last month! Thankfully, me and food are a bit more friendly now.

Here’s a great article where the author talks about his lowered immune system as a result of Myeloma and chemo affecting his immune system. Hello “normal” population, we are not OCD “germ-a-phobes” for fun… Viruses and Bacteria can KILL us! But that’s for another tirade, another time…

Happy Birthday to the BEST hubby, supporter, caretaker, shopper, best friend, and overall loving tolerator of my situation. Scary thought who I would be, and how I would currently be… if Jim wasn’t in my life!!! I tell him to stop caring so much, and take as good care of himself, as he does for me.

Our new saying:
Every day is a Bucket List day-
Heck, eat TWO desserts if you want to!
Almost looks like twin roses within the rose!
Jim has such an amazing “green thumb”, 
not to mention our mutual love of nature and animals!
We are both so grateful for another year! Truly we are so fortunate to have the life we have with all the love and beauty that surrounds us! One of my greatest treatment challenges was being hospitalized in isolation for a whole month (for my stem cell transplant July 2010), as the closest I got to fresh air and nature, was the view out my window. Ugh, that was so awful for me. I cried my eyes out when I was wheeled out of the hospital, and breathed in summer…

Enough blogging, on to the birthday boy celebrations!

Live happy, live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something as often as you can!