Post 15 – Is it actually possible?

Ok, so I am now 12 challenges down, but have another 28 to achieve….a pretty big thing really. I’m not even sure if I can do it but I hope I can as I have already given up SO much of my own time and time that I could have been with my family. BUT….I don’t fail at things easily and so I need to keep going and hope that it will all come good.

So where are we since the last challenge update. Well, I have achieved a further 2 challenges.

Challenge No.2 was to ‘Climb 40 floors’ and I did it…and in less than 40 minutes which added another dimension to the challenge :-).  I can’t give full details on this one – the company don’t want any publicity. That said, I was really lucky to have a friend who worked in a very tall building and who was able to set me up to climb up the staircase one Sunday lunchtime. Now, 40 floors doesn’t sound too bad to Joe Public. But….it isn’t as easy as it sounds. And I think my lovely friend….Mr M….would agree with me as he had to climb all 40 floors to make sure I didn’t go AWOL and do anything dodgy in a fairly big London building. Which of course, I had absolutely no intention of doing! So two days ago, of we went and pictures below show the three stages…half way, at the top, and the gorgeous view that we had! Those of you who are linked to my Facebook page can also see a also a brief video of the last few floors just to prove that I wasn’t lying about the whole thing! For some reason I can’t attach it on here!



The second challenge that I achieved was Challenge 20 – to get 20 balls/shots through a netball post in 4 minutes. Those of you who know me will know that in April 2013, I took up netball again for the first time in nearly 20 years! Now even when I was 18, I had only really played netball for 2 years…before that, I had never been good enough for our school team. But at 16, I had moved schools, and I have to say, it made a huge difference to my sporting background….and to me. For two years I totally engrossed myself in sport, almost to the detriment of my A-levels. I played netball, lacrosse, squash, hockey and a few other bits and pieces! Even when i left school at 19, I carried on lacrosse for a couple of years in London. But then everything stopped. And then I had kids. And felt old. For a lot of people, I think they hit a certain age and think the only thing they can ever realistically do is the gym or running etc. But that is SO SO SO not true. I would encourage anyone out there who has EVER enjoyed a sport, to give it another go. Since the Olympics, I think that there are many more clubs out there who are ready to take on people who want to give sport another go. And so long as you are happy to try hard, they don’t care if you haven’t played for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years or more. I owe an awful lot to ‘Back to Netball’, (Geri and Emily in particular!), for getting me back into netball. They made me so welcome that not only is it now a long term sport for me (I hope!), but also it is something that I absolutely love playing. I play with people who are young andImage old(er), and for the first time ever playing sport, I feel like it is about enjoyment, achievement and friendship all rolled into one!

Anyway, back to the challenge. I got back from my 40 floors on Sunday and thought I’d just practice challenge 20…to get 40 shots in
4 minutes. I’d been thinking perhaps I should change it to getting 4 people to do the challenge at the same time…i.e. 4 people to get 40 shots in 4 minutes. So I decided to give it a go and see how far off I was. And to my own surprise….I achieved it first time. Now I am a GS/ GA when I play these days, but still it had seemed an impossible task….but somehow I seemed to be on fire yesterday! I just need to hope I shoot that well next time we play a match!!!

I’d actually also like to take time at this stage to comment on a recent article that The Telegraph saw fit to publish.

Now, despite friends of mine who play basketball finding it amusing ( and don’t get me wrong, I have a sense of humour and can see the battle between basketball and netball), I found this article deeply insulting, and totally inaccurate. And more than that, damaging to young people who need to be able to have access to any sport that appeals to them whether that is netball, taekwondo, football or pilates! Making headlines suggesting that netball makes young people fat, is uneducated and runs the risk of alienating young people. In an age where most young people (including my own daughter at times!) would rather play Minecraft on their iPod or be on an XBox, than be outside, suggesting that any sport is wrong for children doesn’t help parents in an ever judging world. It is massively important, that we all look at our children to find what makes them happy. It is important that schools don’t stand on a status quo without assessing whether they move with the times. But to suggest that netball is the cause of ‘fat daughters’ is totally wrong! And makes me angry. I could go on. But I’ll stop here before I rant in full.



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