Post 12: 3 Challenges Achieved – 40 Challenges B440

Ok….so my last post said that I wasn’t going to only post about my challenges…and over the past couple of weeks, I’ve wanted to post about a couple of more major topics, but I just haven’t had the time to put into making them what I want. So I’m afraid this is another post about my challenges…I hope you’ll forgive me.

This last week has been pretty busy in that I have now ticked off another 3 challenges!

Challenge 46 – Travel 40m on a zipwire

Now this was fun! Scary but fun!

On Wednesday a group of friends from school went off to Go Ape in Wendover to have a morning of swinging through the trees and facing our fears. I think for most of us, there was some fear of heights and the day was a great opportunity to overcome some of these…or at least face into them.

When I was about 14, I fell off a swing in the woods. It was one of those ones that someone had hung over a branch over a great big drop in the ground. You would run and swing round and then jump off when it got back to the higher ground. Great fun. Until I fell off over the highest drop. I remember my head really hurting for hours afterwards and I think it has given me a longterm issue. However, what I have realised is that my fear is of being hurt rather than of heights as such. So actually the Go Ape wasn’t as bad as I had thought although there were a couple of the activities that I found VERY tricky.

I would still find it hard to do something without safety wires but knowing that I couldn’t fall helped me a lot.


But the day was fabulous. I felt like we were all really there for each other and it was a lovely day with friends. Everyone was there for each other, and no matter how much people struggled on the course, there was no pressure from anyone. I’d like to call it a team building exercise, but that sounds a bit too commercial to be honest. But I did feel like it really strengthened friendships which was great. It also reminded me how important it is to find time to be with friends where you don’t have mobile phones, you don’t have distractions and where it is really quality time.

And almost as importantly, I completed my challenge of doing a 160m zip wire (4 times the expected zip wire!)

Zipwire Challenge video

Challenge 47 – Pull 40 pints

So after Wednesday’s Go Ape, I took on the second challenge. To pull 40 pints. We all headed down to our local at the George and ImageDragon in West Wycombe. They had kindly allowed me to do this at their pub, and had even agreed to donate 50p per pint pulled. What can I say? I absolutely loved it. It reminded me a little of when I worked in a bar at Uni…..pulling pints for friends is so nice, and I was really lucky that I had loads of support from so many friends….those from my NCT group, school friends, netball friends, and more! By 9pm I had finished the challenge and got to enjoy a drink or two on the other side of the bar! I haven’t counted up how much we raised but it is around £200 which isn’t bad going :-) I am really grateful to the George and Dragon, and the owners, Cindy and Ray for welcoming all of us that night!

Challenge 33 – 40 hours Sponsored Silence

I cannot even begin to explain how hard this was for me. I think it would be hard for anyone, but I love talking and do an awful lot of it! My friend said today that it sounds like a really easy challenge and she was right…it sounds easy, but in reality is nearly impossible!

I began the challenge at 3pm on Friday afternoon with the thought that I would finish at 7am on Sunday (today). The first few hours went fine but then I lost it twice in about half an hour. I can’t even remember what I said now, but it was something totally out of the blue and random. So I decided that i would start again and continue until 11am on Sunday. And with that, we made some rules as we realised how tricky the challenge was going to be. We decided that I would have a 10 minute extension and a £1 fine (to Myeloma UK) for every mistake I made.

In the end I finished at 11.40am this morning…four additional mistakes…sometimes one word (!), £4 to Myeloma UK.

Those who know me will know that I always have something to say. Nick challenged me to work out why exactly I found it so hard, and I’m still struggling to find the actual reason. So I thought I’d work out which the times were when I failed….

  • Twice it was because Rebecca talked to me. I’m not blaming her. But as a parent you don’t often totally ignore your child…you at least say one word to them. Once was in the garden centre when she started to explain why they’d changed a plant…..all I did was start to tell her that it was fine that they’d done it….to the response “Mummy you’re talking!” Once was just when she was doing something wrong and I mentioned her name.
  • Once it was whilst we were watching TV. I can’t remember what it was but I just started saying something about what we were watching. Nick’s response…”You’re talking”.

I think we forget how much conversation is a part of life. Nick couldn’t have made it easier for me….he would start every sentence with “Don’t talk but…..”. He did everything he could to make it easier for me. I think he loved me being quiet though! He said it was very calming! Haha.

I found it horrendous. I was miserable. I hated it on those few occasions that I spoke, I felt like I’d failed. Nick says I’m too hard on myself….that I did really well. But I still wish I’d done it without talking. I’ve done the challenge, but not as well as I’d have liked to do it.


Anyway, I am so pleased to have ticked off another 3 challenges. I am hoping that this month I can finish another 2 or 3. I will be climbing 40 floors at the end of the month, hope to do 40 x 20 second planks (don’t ask if you don’t know!), and am hoping one or two others may come to fruition too! I’m still looking for lots of businesses to donate £40 (please take the hint!) and am also hoping to have 40 cakes or the ingredients donated by the end of May for a cake sale that we’re hoping to hold on the 8th June. If you can help, just let me know!

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me so far. I know I’m asking a lot this year, but if you don’t ask, you don’t get……


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