Me Made May: Week Two

12 May 2014

The great thing about Me Made May is the excuse to experiment with new outfits.
This was the first time I had worn my voile Camber top. It has been hidden away in my wardrobe, waiting for me to make a simple camisole.  I still haven’t done that… but I found a different way to wear it.

12 May 2014

Yay!  It looks fab layered over my indigo Renfrew tee.
The skirt in the picture (Masai black jersey bought in a sale in January 2013) had never been to work before either.  It is so clingy I felt like I had gone to the office in just my tights…  but I was feeling brave that day!

13 May 2014

This is much more like “everyday Roo”:  dark denim Kelly skirt with 1940’s-pattern South Riding blouse, and my new Boden cardi.  I also wore my yellow “Knitter” badge to the office – heh heh heh!

14 May 2014

Wednesday.  We spent the day at the hospital after FL’s white cells plummeted and his recurrent chest infection kicked in  There was some debate about whether or not he could come home, or if he needed intravenous antibiotics in hospital.  After 6 hours in various waiting rooms, he was allowed home with a packet of pills – woo hoo!

14 May 2014

I wore my me-made Betsey Johnson linen skirt for the first time, over leggings and my black Plantain tee.  I remembered how much fun it can be to wear longer swishy skirts :)  It was just so comfortable!
Note the scaffolding in the upper photo:  stage 2 of the double-glazing journey begun two years ago.  This year it is the turn of our front upstairs windows to be replaced – one of these years we will have a full set!

Working at home on Friday, I decided I would wear this skirt again.  The top is organic cotton from Seasalt about ? 3 years ago.

16 May 2014

And from way back last Friday, here is my Deer and Doe Anemone skirt worn with my green Liberty Sencha blouse and that new Boden cardi again.  This was another new combination.  I also dug out my fountain-pen nib earrings to spice things up a bit.

9 May 2014

If anyone has been looking at my feet, they will note my cherry Doc Marten chelsea boots have come out to play most days in May.  I am over high heels.  Seriously, it may be deeply middle-aged of me, but I am ready to Lose the Shoes, a 49 before 50 resolution that I am definitely sticking to:  if they aren’t comfortable, they have to go.

The washing line 16 May 2014

 And here is REAL evidence of me-mades in action:  part of the hand knitted sock collection hanging out to dry :)