Me Made May Week Three, Harebells and Health

I can’t talk about this week until I show you the harebells.
These are what I can see from the kitchen sink when I am doing the washing up.
Everything is incredibly lush and green at the moment.
Sometimes (often) I can’t believe I live here.

To all intents and purposes this is my back garden… but you couldn’t sit out here.  It is almost always windswept or damp or both.
Anyway… Me Made May Week Three found me at home more than usual.  FL was in a lot of pain and couldn’t get around without my help.  I had to learn how to lift him.  And we did the conga to get from the bedroom to the toilet.  We take our fun where we can find it.
So my “outfits” were irrelevant.
I wore my Deer and Doe Plantain tee and my repurposed linen knit hoodie with jeans.

And I wore my Portfolio dress with jeans.
Here – have some more greenery.

We were back at the hospital on Tuesday.  The Consultant authorised another month of Pomalidomide, even though FL’s white cell count plummeted to 0.6 at one point.  They have decided they need to see him once a week from now on.
I made it back to work on Wednesday.

I wore my new favourite combination of Portfolio top and Peggy-esque skirt, with Boden cardi and Silly Old Suitcase beads.  The same as I wore twice before this month  – cos if it works, don’t fix it!

I gathered the energy to try out a new outfit on Thursday.  This is my Simplicity pattern 1388 sleeveless top with watermelon linen Chardon skirt... and the Boden cardigan again.  Despite what the face seems to indicate, I liked wearing this  :)
Hey look – it’s almost the weekend again – yay!  Sewing time!!!!