Love, Health and Something to Look Forward To

This morning on the radio, a vet said those were the 3 important things in life: Love, Health and Something to look forward to.
We’ve got lots of the first one around here. Not so much of the others.
I can’t make health happen, so I am working on the concept of “looking forward”, but it sets my nerves a-jangling when my husband tells a neighbour he doesn’t have long to live…
So where are we now?
I haven’t heard the result of my job interview, but cornered a member of the panel and forced him to confess that the successful candidate had been informed (I was gentle – I teased it out of him). The lack of official communication leaves me speechless. But it does not surprise me, because I know how dysfunctional things can be around here.
Although I was looking forward to a new challenge, going Through The Double Doors would have been a surreal experience, and probably very lonely. At least where I am, I am part of a team and we can cover for each other if need be. That’s pretty important right now, when FL’s health is so fragile.
And blue hair would have been unthinkable.
Now? Now I am looking forward to trying another colour :)