I Stitch Therefore I Am

Time for a catch up on my knitting and crochet.

The Mystery Crochet Blanket is growing fast!
The stripes I am working on right now are easily memorised, so I am capable of going into autopilot from one corner to the next – perfect late night / early morning stress relief crafting.

I love the look of the corner in that pale blue / grey yarn.
Actually, I really enjoyed that whole stripe and had to order extra yarn to make sure it was all one colour.
The book?
FL read a review of “an Everywhere” by Heather Reyes and persuaded me to get a copy.
We knew the author was going through chemo when she wrote it… but it was page 204 before I found out she had myeloma – aaargh!  There is no escape!
It is an interesting book, all about the process and enjoyment of reading, with lots of references to literature in other languages, most of which was new to me.  It inspired me to buy a couple of modern French novels.  I figured that reading them was the logical extension of my recent French sewing adventures.  When the books arrived, I turned them over and understood the blurb straightaway – woo hoo!  But the next day when I sat down to start reading… whoah!  I think I need to get myself a dictionary.

Back to the stitching… oh Roo, what’s that on your needles?
Yes, it is my third Vintage Fremont.
I needed some easy Waiting Room knitting.
That photo shows 5 lace segments… I on the 13th now.
What can I say?  I just love this pattern.
This one is in actual laceweight (Posh Yarn from way back when) in the colour “Galeforce”.  This was the yarn I was using for my failed Advent Shawl.  This is a much happier project.

If you like that lace wedge pattern, but prefer a more traditional shape, check out Kate Davies’s new shawl pattern, A Hap for Harriet.
Gorgeous!  I queued it straightaway.
FL’s birthday socks are not inspiring me right now… which isn’t a problem yet, but will be soon.  I have less than a month to knit 3/4 of a sock:  eminently do-able, but only if I actually knit them!