FO: The Brown Socks of Doomy Doom Doom

Let me just clarify:  I LOVE knitting socks.
Sock-knitting is one of my favourite activities.
But this pair almost sucked every last ounce of joy out of the process.

 It was the yarn that did it.
This is Schoppel Wolle Boots Strange:  44% wool, 14% nylon and 42% mercerised cotton.
In my imagination, this was going to be a lovely summer-friendly soft yarn to soothe FL’s sore feet and legs in warm weather.
In reality, it is as rough as the barkcloth it reminded me of.
I have learned that the texture of my materials really matters to me.  I lost patience with these socks pretty early on, but by the time I admitted it, I was committed to these being FL’s birthday socks and time was running out.
Oh dear.

The final indignity was running out of yarn on toe 2.
I had to knit it “row about” with some leftover Knitting Goddess sock wool – ah bliss!  Softness!  I remember you well!
My bodge job looks OK – it’s the sock on the left.
They are the Hector pattern by Rachel Coopey – he loves his first pair.

So… I have finished them.
They probably fit.
And I WILL gift them to my love on his birthday.
But I won’t be surprised if they sift themselves to the back of the sock drawer, unworn.
Oh bottoms.
They just aren’t good enough.
Deep breath…
I have 14 days before his birthday… ready, steady…. go?