Connie and Nan Busted a Move to the Beach

Dear friend Connie and I spent a week at the condo.  Had an absolute blast.

Lauren and Keith came over on Sunday to spend the night.  2 full days of beach sun and fun.  Played ladder golf, played in a hot tub, had great fun.

Connie and I frequented the joint across the street, went out to dinner 4 times.  Twice at Dee’s Hangout, (EVERYONE’s FAVORITE, including Connie!), once at Pineapple Willie’s (yummy ribs and a great pier on the beach), and once at Los Rancheros.  (I need to get my fix of handsome Edguardo whenever I’m in town!).

Connie’s 2 daughters sent her a lovely package from Shari’s Berries for Mother’s Day….  OMG!  12 chocolate dipped HUGE strawberries and 3 miniature cheesecakes.  I’m hooked.  I had given up on strawberries, as they always look gorgeous and red in the supermarket.  Get ’em home and they have no taste.  (GMOs, no doubt).  These were as sweet as could be.

Another night, we had lobster tails, sweet corn, new potatoes and asparagus at the condo.

It was a grand time!  (other than ending up with some type of eye infection as is apparent in pics….. making a call to an Ophthalmologist tomorrow morning)