49 before 50: half way there

OK, so “Crochet a blanket” was not on my original list of 49 things to do before I am 50, but I am adding it now.   That’s allowed, because there were some vacancies and I think I am going to achieve this goal:)
I never would have believed I would become obsessed by crochet but this blanket has me (sorry) hooked!
 I ran out of pale blue yarn.  Waiting for another ball to arrive was torture.  I had to knit instead!!!
See? I have a badge to prove it!  (It says “Knitter” if it is not clear enough…)
 I have my next crochet project waiting in the wings.  This is the Ripple Shawl (Issue 53 of Inside Crochet) by Vicki Brown, the same designer as the Mystery Blanket.  I had to buy the same yarn – those colours slay me!  It is Rico Superba Poems sock yarn in the Candy colourway, in case you need some too.
And here is some knitty pretty.  The latest instalment of the Knitting Goddess / Rachel Coopey sock club.  I absolutely love the pattern / yarn combination this month. 
Must. Knit. Faster.
And here is some evidence of Me Made May combined with 49 before 50 “Update my CV”.
Yes I really did go to an interview dressed like that.
Did I get the job?
I won’t know until Tuesday when the selection panel meets to decide.
Slow torture.
I look like my granny in that picture…