Still in Hospital

There has been a delay in releasing Tony.  He continues to have the diarrhea and vomiting.  Dehydration is a concern and they don’t want to release him.  They took his blood pressure while sitting and again after he stood up.  They difference in blood pressure shows he’s very dehydrated and weak.  They are giving him hydration via IV and medication to stop the vomiting  :(
I’m actually ok with this otherwise I’d be fighting with him to drink while at home.  So, it’s best he’s at the hospital and monitored.  Everything else is good.  Blood work is on track.
Some of you are asking me if this transplant worked.  Good question.  I believe after 100 days, the doctor will be doing another bone marrow test to confirm the results.  I suspect a CT scan would be done as well to check up on those tumors……which I’m sure have now vanished after two doses of Melphalan.
And, my dad is doing ok at home.
And, I’m loving hot water!
Enjoy the weekend everyone.  It’s a sunny day!