Spring Break Sewing Plans

Blog-land is overflowing with seasonal stitching plans.  I think the first whiff of sunshine has gone to our heads.  Calm down folks- I had to run out to rescue my washing from a passing snow shower on Sunday!

I have some holidays coming up fast.  I am not sure if we will actually go away – we have a cottage booked but it might not be wise to stray too far away from the hospital.  We’ll see.

Home or away, I intend to sew, knit, crochet and read.

I have been inspired by Ysolda’s latest sewing exploits.  She made herself some kits of pattern, fabric and notions so that she would be ready to go with 4 projects.  So sensible!  No last-minute scurrying in search of the right size of zip.  When you live in the middle of nowhere, the lack of a zip can cost you half a day’s good sewing time!  I was interested to see her choice of patterns and fabrics too.  Simple shapes in good quality materials:  this is a far more considered approach to sewing than you find on most “sewing blogs”.  Ysolda is approaching her sewing as she would a knitting project.

It is all too easy to get swept up in the relative speed of sewing over knitting and makes lots of cheap garments in the latest patterns.  I am trying really hard to slow down and make things that will last, in styles that actually suit me and my lifestyle.  “49 before 50” and all that…

So what am I planning to sew?

I need to replace my white Portfolio top.  I wore it to death:  it had gone yellow and threadbare, but was such a staple garment I still kept reaching for it – tsk!  I had to force myself to throw it away.  I want another of the same.  Simple, perfect.

Cappuccino dress by Liesl and Co

By the way – Liesl is has updated the Portfolio pattern as part of her own line, the Cappuccino, so if you were sad that Simplicity let it go out of print, go go go!  The neckline is different, but that’s not a bad thing.  Hmmm…. I might be tempted myself!

You would not believe the mental resistance I have to ordering a single metre of dobby dot cotton from an online shop:  I have to scour the virtual shelves to find something else to justify the postage, and then I start to get twitchy about over-consumption and end up buying nothing!  If you are interested, Ditto Fabrics has it in white, and Eternal Maker has a lovely periwinkle blue.  

Oh dear oh dear – just do it, Roo!

Speakeasy fairtrade cotton

I also want to make another Factory Dress.  I love the grey colourway of this fairtrade cotton in the Speakeasy range at Organic Cotton.  I haven’t worn the first one yet, but I am certain it will be a favourite when the weather heats up a bit.  I will need something to take the place of my flannel Camber dresses, which I wear all the time.

So, yes, a cotton Camber dress would be a good plan too!

However, despite all the above plans… the only fabric I have actually bought in time for my holiday is this black and grey “cats and spots” print Japanese sailcloth from Frumbles.
Yes, totally insane and juvenile, but do I give a hoot about that?
I am going to have a go at making the Mortmain dress with an exposed brass zip on the back – ooh!
Because in the end, if I am going to sew something, it has to make my heart sing – even at the planning stage.  Cartwheeling polka dot pussy cats?  Just try and stop me!