SPRING BREAK 2014…. Roll Tide, Roll!

Hi gang!  We just returned from a week in PCB.  Spring Break lasts a couple of months, but I like to go during Alabama Crimson Tide’s week.

The beach was busy, but not nearly as packed as other years when they’d be off on the week before with many other schools.

Plenty of Beer Pong pits.  Plenty of young gals in their bikinis.  Dom enjoyed the view….with binoculars from our balcony when not on the beach.  *smiling*

As usual, the police were in full force.  Beach Cops, City Cops, Sheriff’s Dept and State Boys.  They had mobile jails set up.  ATF agents…. A lot of arrests for DUI and underage drinking.  We, however, had no problems.  We arrive, park the car, then walk everywhere or take a cab.

I’ve got a 7 (?) year old Great Niece in Ohio-  Lauren.  She made me “sandals” using her rubber-band loom.  The college gals went nuts over them.  Lauren, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!  We love you dearly!  (Ignore my hideous feet, please!)

The action near us was at the Holiday Inn, about 1/4 mile away from us.  The weather was very pleasant.  Spent 4 of 6 days in the sun.  I was certain that I was going to take the plunge, but I chickened out.  63 degree water temp is just TOO COLD!

We had a good time as always.  Two great new bartenders across the street.  Handsome Jameson (pictured) and Gorgeous Lauren.  Our Travis, Steve (pictured) and Eric are still there, too.  Love the gang at Beach Bar & Package!

Found a new pizza joint that delivers…. we’re hooked.  www.panamapizzeria.com

Had a fun visit with my handsome Eguardo at Los Rancheros.  What a little doll!

Hit the road to head home yesterday morning.  It was truly a ride from Hell.  Serious rain for about 3 hours.  Cars in the interstate ditches.  Semi Trucks driving with flashers on.  People stopped underneath overpasses.  I didn’t verbalize it, but I thought…. “Great…let’s drive through a couple of tornados like our drive home from Ohio in September”.


Thankfully, we arrived home safe and sound.  And Nanette is planning her next trip to the beach-  SOON!