Someone is REALLY testing my faith and strength this week! O.M.G.

Sunday we had to take my dad to emergency.   Heart failure.  It was really scary to see him so vulnerable. His breathing was very laboured.
My husband was at Princess Margaret Hospital and my dad at Sunnybrook Hospital.  All I can say is thank goodness for family.  For without them, I don’t think I could have managed, coped or survived these past few days.  And to my friends, for listening to me vent my worries.  
I am grateful for today.  My dad should be released tomorrow.  He is doing much better.  Follow up appointments are necessary, but the important thing right now is, he’s doing better.
Tony is still on track with his recovery from his stem cell transplant.  My two very important men in my life needed me.  Unfortunately, Tony came second.  But he was a trooper.  I didn’t see him today but he sounds VERY bored.  His diarrhea continues to be challenging.  His throat is getting worse, but at least he can swallow.  Although, he describes eating cereal for breakfast like swallowing nails.  OUCH!
He continues to lose weight.  All as expected with Tony.