Not only for you, but for us and other MM warriors out there

This blog is really meant for many people.
Most important, it is linked to another multiple myeloma blog which can help others going through this terrible disease.  I figure it either reassures others that they don’t have it so bad or strengthen those who do.  They say, “comfort in numbers”.  Every MM person is different.  I pray for all of you out there.  There truly are miracle stories out there.  And, Tony, will be my miracle story!
The second reason for this blog is to journal Tony’s story.  It’s been interesting going back and reading up on his first transplant and comparing to this time.
And lastly, this is a great way to send out updates to family, friends and others who know Tony and support us all the time.
On behalf of myself and Tony, we thank you for his birthday wishes this weekend.  He had a good day yesterday.  A couple of nurses came to his room with a “hospital” cake and sang happy birthday to him. It was so nice!  And, hospital cake wasn’t so bad!  It was funny because he’s in isolation so only one nurse dressed up in gown and gloves and the others were in the hallway singing from the doorway.  They are so nice there!  We treated the staff today with Zeppole. mmmmmmmm

So, having said that, here’s the latest:
He has thrown up twice. (I think Friday and Saturday) The nausea comes quickly and then it happens.  This morning he woke up with a black sore on his tongue.  It started to bleed.  He has no platelets.  Challenging to stop the bleeding.  Actually it bled for a couple of hours.  Still bleeding as I type, but just not as bad. Today, they will be giving him a unit of platelets to strengthen that part of his blood.  His diarrhea continues as predicted due to C-Diff.  His appetite is getting worse and worse.  Still tastes food though, but no desire to eat.  Oh, and I keep forgetting to blog this—-his toes are numb.  Perhaps side effects of long term use of Revlimed.  Need to follow up with doctors on this soon.  (neuropathy-not sure on spelling-many MM patients get this)
Hemoglobin: 92
Platelets: 10
White blood count:  -.1

Oh, and after the cake, a team of nurses came to the door and announced that they had to move him.  He was in a private room that protects the entire hospital from any airborne viruses and a patient needed to be in that room.  C-diff is not airborne. So, everyone grabbed something and we all went down the hall to another room.  Tony wanted to walk and the nurses all said, yes you can, BUT DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  STRAIGHT TO YOUR NEW PRIVATE ROOM!  It’s actually a nicer private room.  He has a view of University Avenue.

Well, another day in downtown Toronto.  Off I go to visit him.  Let’s see how today goes.  It’s going to get worse, before it gets better. :(