Not Just Another Manic Monday

As you can see, we are run off our feet here.
“Here” is near Ullapool, overlooking Loch Broom.
The tourist season doesn’t begin until Thursday so there isn’t much going on.
And that suits us just fine!

Progress continues on my crochet blanket.
It was sunny enough to sit outside for a little while today – the blanket came in handy!
And if you look closely, you will see I cracked and presented FL with his birthday holiday socks :)
These are Arnulf by Rachel Coopey.

 FL is delighted with them :)

Yesterday we managed a walk, all three of us, into the woods adjacent to the house.
Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me.
We had another attempt today, but FL only made it halfway down the drive before his legs gave way and he had to go back to the house.  Yesterday he was still high on dexies.  Today he is starting to crash.  We are used to this rhythm, frustrating though it can be.
So the dog and I carried on, through the gate and into the trees, with many a backward glance.

 Poor Hero – a walk is just not the same without his master!

 Up the hill, there is a sheer precipice to one side of the track.
I have to keep the dog on his lead, in case he spots a deer and doesn’t stop to consider the terrain.
No cake yet!
Maybe we will head into town tomorrow and see what we can find.
But really, this is all we need.