Men can be soooooo stubborn!

Thursday evening he had a temperature of 38.2.
Friday evening he had a temperature of 38.5.  I was at work all day. He told me that he slept a lot during the day.  He did take his temperature and he swears it was ok.  He did NOT want to go to the hospital.
Saturday around 4:30 pm, his temperature was 38.1.  WHAT THE HECK!
I pulled out the manual they gave us when released and it said to go to emergency if your temperature is over 38.5……but Tony was insisting he was fine.
Tony was insisting that it wasn’t over 38.5.
Tony was insisting he didn’t have a fever.
Tony was insisting that nothing hurt so he was fine.  OMG!!!!!
I decided to phone the 14th floor nurses station at Princess Margaret Hospital.  They remembered him. After all, he was there for 2 1/2 weeks!  Ya, they’d remember him.  They said he should have gone to emergency Friday night.
So, off we went to emergency at our local hospital.  Headwaters, in Orangeville.  Seven hours later we are at home.  1am.  He slept the entire time there and I was awake the entire time.  I’ve got a second wind now, so hence my late blog.  Need to vent.
They were great there.  He was looked at quickly (not busy at the hospital)  Took blood for cultures from three spots: each arm plus from his hickman line.  They did cultures on his urine.  They took a swab of his hickman line as it still looks irritated. They took an x-ray of his chest.  All the protocol things to do post transplant.  Preliminary blood work didn’t show any signs of infection.  I did tell them that perhaps they should speak to the 14th floor staff at Princess Margaret, like I did.  Perhaps they would give them the results of the swab of hickman line they took.  48 hours would have been this morning and the results should be in.  So, the emergency doctor called them.  The doctor on call at PMH that night was his doctor!  Woohoo!!!!!  So, she ordered another litre of hydration and they gave him antibiotics through IV.  Vancomycin.  They didn’t run it from the hickman line in case that area is infected so they poked him.
Once the IV was done, we were sent home with oral antibiotics.  We need to follow up with Princess Margaret on Monday and monitor him till then.
I’m tired of this……….