Knitting in the Waiting Room

This is post number two in the impromptu series:  “what I might do if I go on holiday”.
Where would I be without it?
I have two new projects to show you.
The first is a hat for Christine.

This is Ripon by Rachel Coopey from Toasty Volume 1.
It is a project for cable lovers.
During two and a half hours in the waiting room I cranked out only 5 rows.
Really?  Oh dear, Roo, what a slacker!
But it is looking lovely.

While Ripon appeals for its complexity, my second Vintage Fremont shawl is knitting for pure relaxation.
This project is a coup de coeur.

I came home from work one evening to find FL in unusually high spirits.  Occasional unexplained chuckles burst out from behind his newspaper.  He was under the influence of neither drink nor drugs, but was giving nothing away.
Mystified, I went to get changed into my home clothes.
When I returned, there was a package lying on my chair…

It was not my birthday or any other special occasion, but FL had decided to buy me a dress.
This is unheard of!
He had consulted The Girl by text to find out my size and ordered a gorgeous, glorious impractical silk chiffon dress for “weddings and graduations and other occasions”.  Oh my!
Seriously?  There were tears.
I was awake half the night planning a matching shawl… or two.
I started with the bright one.  This is Crown Mountain Farms  handspun Sock Hop in the “House of the Rising Sun” colourway.
The second one will be in Skein Queen Oasis in the “Aristocracy” colourway.

I absolutely love working on this shawl.  I have to ration myself, or it will all be gone… and then what will I do?  Oh – I know – knit another one! :)

Myeloma update:
Freelite kappa score is up to 770.
Back to the hospital in 4 weeks.

Ed?  Thanks for your comment, honey! We often think of you – it’s great to hear you are doing well :)