I have never said and really meant it, but I really really do: TGIF

Thank God It’s Friday!
What a heck of a week for us. Or rather me.
My husband at Princess Margaret Hospital.  My dad at Sunnybrook Hospital.
Clean clothes for Tony and apples for my dad.
No hot water at my house for 2 days.
And juggling work stuff.  Well, my week ended!  TGIF.
My dad was released on Wednesday. Today, he’s doing much better.  Following up with cardiologist on the 27th.
Tony, oh my poor Tony.  We thought he would be released today :(
His diarrhea continues to be an issue.  This means the C-Diff is still active.  They stopped his IV fluids this afternoon.  I don’t really understand this decision.
Diarrhea = Dehydration   At least I thought it might.  They want to encourage more drinking of fluids on his own. IT AIN’T HAPPENING!!!!
I spent three hours with him today and he drank A&W rootbeer (his latest craving) and about 1/3 of Gatoraide.  He slept the entire time.  Didn’t reply to texts and couldn’t keep up a conversation with his mom. He spoke with his eyes closed.  The fatigue is terrible.  I told him he’s like a 12 day old baby, wanting to sleep sleep sleep.  And, he says “ya, but babies eat too.  I don’t want to eat”.  True, but it was like this with his first stem cell transplant.  So, we just need to get over the next couple of weeks with fatigue and no appetite.  It will be challenging, but for now he needs to get this C-Diff under control.
Need to focus on the fact that he made it for the tandem transplants.
Need to focus on the fact that his numbers are getting better.
Need to focus on the fact that our vacation will happen.  This year!!!!  Together.

Need prayers for a friend of mine-she has her dad and daughter in hospital.  They say things happen in 3s. Please be wrong this time.