Happy NEW Birthday Tony

Around 11:45am today, he received his new stem cells.  Same procedure as the last time.
They came in a freezer.  Technician thawed them.  Nurse connected him.  All of seriously, 4 minutes. Quick. Vital signs were taken continuously.  Premeds were given before transplant to eliminate reaction.  They gave him a candy to suck on because during the transplant, he would get a tickle at the back of his throat.  His face flushed.  Blood pressure dropped a bit.  But afterwards, all was good.
I made it in on time.  His sister and mom were there to witness the event.  My brother, the guy who knows downtown like the back of his hand, missed the University Street exit and missed the entire event……We just couldn’t wait.  Once the stem cells arrive and they thaw out, they must be put into the body…..sorry Joe. (He was there for the first one)  It’s ok.  We had a great visit.
Tony is doing well.  His hips are getting better.  His spirit is good.
Now, we just need to brace ourselves for what’s coming ahead.
Mouth ulcers.  Loss of his appetite.  Tiredness.  Forcing him to DRINK.  OMG.
For now, I tell him I’m on vacation from him and am getting ready to battle with him.
The house is very quiet without him :(