Gugguls, not giggles…

Okay, so I said that I wouldn’t be experimenting with new stuff for a while. But that was BEFORE I began spring-cleaning the house last week (= one of the household tasks I hate the most!) and found something while checking to see how much curcumin I still have. url-2You see, Stefano and I will be spending a few weeks in April (around Easter) with my parents in Massachusetts, and I buy all my curcumin in the U.S. (even though it’s not as “cheap” as it used to be, mamma mia). So I needed to see how much curcumin I had left…

Anyway, while I was checking and counting, I happened upon two bottles of guggulsterone and decided to go ahead and start taking it. Reason no. 1: the bottles are going to expire at the end of the summer. Reason no. 2: guggulsterone kills myeloma cells and does a lot of other good things (just do a “Search” of my website for “guggulsterone” or scroll down my Pages until you find the one on guggulsterone). Reason no. 3: for some reason I stopped taking guggulsterone during my first experiment back in 2012. I’ve completely forgotten why, but I am POSITIVE that it had nothing to do with the supplement itself. It could have been because of all the illnesses and deaths that have taken place in Stefano’s large extended family in the past couple of years (stressful medical situations, including deaths, involving close members of his family…)…too much to deal with…

Anyway, 2014 has begun on a bit of a brighter note. Therefore, when, last week, I came across these two bottles of guggulsterone, I thought: “ah, why not?”

I’m having my next set of tests in late March…so it won’t be long before we know if the giggling gugguls have killed any myeloma cells… :-)

And now for a couple of off-topic notes.

1. I have received many queries, mostly private, as to which curcumin brand (and other stuff) I take. I cannot reply to everyone, impossible!, but I will write a post about that within a few days…so stay tuned!

Hmmm, speaking of queries, I have something else to add. Lately I’ve been getting an increasing number of private and “contact form” messages. So I’d like to make a couple of points. a I’m not a professional blogger, which means I don’t get paid to write my posts or do research (I wish I did!). I have a paying job that I enjoy but that takes up a good chunk of my time AND has nothing to do with the blog or curcumin (in brief, it’s connected to my years of teaching English). So it’s not easy for me to reply to everyone, even though I do my best. If I haven’t gotten in touch with you, try sending me a second email (but first read the next paragraph!). b. unfortunately, I cannot (and will not) give advice on treatments of any sort or dosages. My blog details my own personal experiences with curcumin and other naturally-derived substances. But that’s as far as it goes. I’m very VERY sorry, but I hope you will understand that I simply cannot give out any medical advice (I have a doctorate in linguistics, not medicine!)…Perhaps this will explain WHY I don’t always answer those types of queries…Again, sorry!

2. Completely off topic: Stefano and I would really like to spend three days in New York City the week of April 21st (we haven’t been there in YEARS…and in any case we haven’t been there as a couple, yet!), so for the past several days I have been looking at hundreds of bed and breakfasts, airbnb places, tripadvisor,, listings…you name it, I’ve looked at it! I’m confident that I’ll find something, even though our budget is tight.

I have excluded anything that isn’t within easy walking distance of a fast train or bus to Manhattan (no point in spending most of the day commuting!)…and I have now found a few options that look nice and clean and more or less, gulp, affordable for us…Now, I am mentioning this mainly because my hotel-b&b search has been eating up a lot of my time, which means, among other things, that I’m not reading any studies right now, phooeydooey…But I also thought that some kind New York blog readers might have some helpful suggestions, which would be most welcome and perhaps save me some grief…! Thanks in advance. :-)

Anyway, I will get to the studies soon…and report anything of interest, as usual! Take care, everyone, and…ciao for now! :-)