Got the call! Transplant #2, here we come!

Around 11:15 am, Tony received a call from Princess Margaret Hospital saying they have a bed for him.
YAY  Check in was by 9pm.
Earlier on we received an email saying that the x-rays of his hips showed nothing serious and that he was back on the list as of yesterday as second in line for a room.
We ran several errands throughout the day together.  Remember, Fridays is Dex (steroid) Day, so I was dealing with a high energy man.  A very productive day.
Tony felt like a steak dinner before checking in to his room, so we had dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant.  They did not disappoint his craving.  A delicious steak dinner for Tony!
We went home to pack a few other items and then walked into the famous 14th floor to admit him at 8:50pm. Ten minutes to spare.  He has a private room with a private bathroom with shower.  Until someone needs a private room due to health issues, he gets to stay there.  He’s happy!
(thank you to my friend for keeping me company for the drive home.  Very very grateful.  It’s such a long drive)
Tomorrow he gets his chemo to kill everything and Sunday he gets his stem cell transplant.

And that journey begins, yet again.
The anxiety is missing.
This time, we know what to expect.

If you’d like to visit Tony, please text or FB me before going.  It’s best to stay away if you’re coming down with a cold or have flu like symptoms please.  This floor is very strict with visitors as everyone has immune issues, so please check with us first.  For Tony’s sake and other patients and for yourself too in case there’s an outbreak of something.  Thx.