FO: Deer & Doe Anemone Skirt and Plantain Tee


Anemone Skirt and Plantain Tee, both by Deer & Doe, both size 38
Grey/green organic cotton twill from Mirablau on Etsy, about £24 for 1 metre including shipping from Germany; lined with apple green antistatic lining from stash.  Next time I would order more fabric – this was a tight squeeze.
Onyx (black) Robert Kaufmann cotton jersey from The Eternal Maker with Pepper elbow patches, 1.5m, £22.50 (but there is still enough left to make a short-sleeved top)
23cm invisible zip  (don’t try this at home, kids – a longer one is a safer bet)

This was a really straightforward pair of projects.
I had made the Plantain before, and I made a much better job of the elbow patches this time around because I followed the instructions and sewed them on with a straight stitch instead of trying to zig-zag round the curves.
I decided to make the Anemone skirt in the peplum version and lengthened it by 3.3cm.  I would make it a bit longer next time, as the waist comes up higher than I expected when I measured myself.
It fit me perfectly without any adjustments – amazing!

The instructions for stitching the lining worried me as I was convinced I would get it caught up in the zip, but it all worked out fine.
The only thing that went wrong was the hem.
Because I was trying to keep it as long as possible, I faced the bottom edge of the twill with satin bias binding and then slip-stitched that to the lining as instructed… but it was a mess.

See what happened?

First attempt at the hem

I made myself a bubble skirt!

For my second attempt, I machine-stitched along the edge of the satin binding, and hemmed the lining separately, leaving it to hang free.
Much better!

I love both parts of my new outfit, together and apart.
The sober colour of the fabric hopefully stops the skirt from being too “young” for me.  I was tempted to make it in metallic-finish denim, but this will be more wearable for work.
I am definitely going to make it again, without the peplum:  the other view has decorative buttons at the waist – ooh yeah!