FO: Anastasia Hat from Inside Crochet Issue 50

Another day, another accessory!
As I mentioned earlier in the week, I developed an obsession with this hat, from Inside Crochet issue 50.
The original was navy, dark pink and silver and I loved its texture, which reminded me of Mackintosh roses.
Being a beginner crocheter, I was wary of paying £5.50 a ball for the yarn, in case it all went wrong.  So I scoured the internet for sale bargains.
This is still the recommended yarn, (Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky) but I only paid £3.70 a ball.  The catch was that I didn’t have the full range of colours to choose from at that price.
I thought I had chosen black, orange and turquoise… but when it arrived, it turned out to be black, brick and slate.

The good news is that it still works well with my Seasalt rain jacket, which was the intention all along.
But it is not a colour combination I would ever have picked out in real life.
It’s just ever so slightly off key.

But as an experiment in crochet, it turned out pretty well I think.
The crown is a bit lumpy, as I wasn’t sure I was following the instructions correctly.  I ended up with an extra rose on every row, and needed an extra row of roses to get that slightly slouchy fit.

The yarn (100% wool) is incredibly soft, but splits really easily.
I am pleased to report that crochet is wonderfully quick to unravel when you make a mistake :)
Overall, I am pretty happy with the finished object.
And I enjoyed the novelty of the process.
I don’t think I am about to become a rabid hooker, but I am seriously considering making the Mystery Blanket from issues 48 through 51 of Inside Crochet.  I bought Issue 51 yesterday.  A friend from the Yarn Yard  Ravelry group is sending me issue 49  (I am making a p-hop donation to express my thanks).  And I might have to bite the bullet and order the pdf download of Issue 48 to get the pattern for that all-important central motif.
So maybe I will use up my cotton dk stash this year after all!