Another Great Day

Fear not, Viking friends, that is not a sarcastic title.

Yes, I may have spent two hours sitting in hospital and two hours sitting in London traffic. But that is a mere nothing.

Firstly, ladies and gentlemen (minor drum roll) I am not to be found in south-west London this evening, but in the exotic locale of south-east London, having a sleepover.

Have suitcase, can travel:


Just a few drugs for the night.

Secondly, MASSIVE drum roll, this means I have been able to come and meet my beautiful new niece on the third day of her existence!


Welcome to to the world, Alice Marie The Great!

I won’t post a photo but you can take my (unbiased, obviously) word for it that she is teeny tiny perfection. She is also already at the centre of a love triangle as her hand has already been promised to her two big sisters’ best friends’ little brothers. Fast work, Alice.

Right, time to try to sleep in spite of all that excitement.

Yours, celebrating Another (the) Great Day (geddit?)

Gugu* the Great

* paternal aunt in mandarin, so my other non-Viking identity