All as expected and more

Monday, I didn’t visit him in the hospital.  But our son Michael went for a bit after work.  Nice visit.
He was doing really good.
Tuesday late afternoon I went to the hospital.  He was happy to see me.  After too much togetherness, you actually really miss each other.  He looked fantastic today!  He had shaved his beard, but it’s still growing. I’m sure it’ll stop soon.  Happy to announce that his hips are all normal.  WHEW!  His appetite is ok. Perhaps starting to lose it a bit.  No real cravings.  I’m glad his sister is nearby working and able to make an appearance these past couple of days with food.  He’s enjoying that.
His hemoglobin was 76 so they gave him a transfusion.  One unit.  I arrived at the tail end of receiving it.  No premeds again and no reactions.  His bowel movements are getting loser…….normal reaction to the chemo, but one wonders if he is getting C-Diff again :(
Today, Wednesday.
Hemoglobin is in the 90s, which is better.  Toronto woke up to a really bad snow storm today.  Although I did venture out to work and ran a few errands today, I just really didn’t feel like heading downtown to visit with him.  Parking lots had up to a foot of snow!  He needs his pillow, but that can wait.  Instead I went home and joined my friend at our church and we said a prayer for Tony.  It felt good.
Afterwards, Tony sent me a text message at 8pm with the sad news that his stool tested positive to C-Diff :(
Poor Tony.  He has decided to stop eating to lessen the trips to the bathroom.  It’s pretty bad.
I shall go first thing in the morning to visit.  He is now confined to his room.
Hello gowns, masks and gloves!  Not pleasant for me, but worse for Tony.  I hope he recovers soon.