Ah, he’s home

He called me this morning with good news – bad news.
Well, the good news: Coming home today
Bad news:  Hemoglobin was 76 and he needed a transfusion before being dismissed.
It’s ok.  I loved hearing his voice.  It was the old Tony voice.  I knew he was ready to come home.
Yesterday they gave him 2 litres of fluid via IV, so that was good.
On releasing him they ordered home care to come visit daily to give him fluids via IV.  He just doesn’t want to drink.  And, when he does, it tastes bad and it makes him throw up.
We had to depend on our son to pick him up today as I was busy.
On my way home I did groceries and stocked up on a variety of beverages and food.
Need to be prepared for whatever cravings he may have.
Dinner tonight was yummy.  Both boys were home eating with us.
Unfortunately, during dinner,  Tony did get sick.  Michael ran out of the room and Robert and I just exchanged looks.  Minutes later, Robert and I just giggled insanely at the situation and Michael came back to the room. My lovely dinner was over.   And Tony….well he wasn’t a happy camper, poor guy.
Tomorrow is another day.