Yay, getting better

At 5:43am Tony sent me an email telling me his throat is ALOT better.  Pain rating was 2.  (from an 8 a few days back)  He shared that he was actually able to drink water at a fast rate.  Sharing that it felt great drinking/swalling water. He will attempt soft foods today. YAY!
Hemoglobin was unchanged (good news)
White blood count is at 2.2 (normal is 4-11)  YAY
Platelets is 28  (not so good-I believe this number needs to be over 100, can’t remember)
Tomorrow will be a big day for numbers as the nurses said Wednesday should be his big turnaround day.
We are very happy with this news.

On a bad note, he’s experiencing some bone pain because of the neupogen injections.  Elbow and knee.  He has been hitting that morphine button often for this pain now.  But it’s all expected.  This is ok.  Normal reactions.
Now we need to get this C-Difficile under control and get him out of isolation. Hopefully with more solid foods he can have a normal bowel movement to prove he’s getting better with this.
What a pain visiting him all dressed up in mask, gown and gloves.  Yes, I’m complaining….Very restricting attire.
We are still limiting vistors at this time.

Dress accordingly everyone……it’s cold out there!

Thank you David for all the Quentin Tarantino movies on that chip!  It worked on his TV.  I do believe he had a full day Quentin marathon, all thanks to you!
And, thank you mom from Heaven.  We all know this great news is because of you.  I know it is.