Why I won’t be getting run over by a bus any time soon!

Jet Black:

My good friend, Wendy has written about the possibility of being run over by a bus… a subject that is very pertinent to both of us – more of our “not normal” life.

We have both joked about the possibility…

WDancing in Fountains 6endy and I met initially in Sheffield, in July 2011. While crossing a road in the city centre, I did get pretty close to being run over by a bus – they had a bus lane on the right-hand side of the road, for goodness sake! How was I supposed to know? Pfffft! It still didn’t get me! And I was able to dance in the fountains.

Having seen Wendy’s researched statistics, I am pretty sure that my death will come at the hands of myeloma or its emissaries, not by a bus.

Sadly, there are some people outside of the incurable cancer journey who just don’t get it. Maybe reading this will allow a bit more understanding of what we live with.

Originally posted on Wendy's World:

How many times have I heard that I could get run over by a bus any time or other such platitudes about how none of us know when our number is up when I talk about my life shortening diagnosis.  I know it is partly because people don’t know what to say and yes it is true there is a very remote chance I could get run over by a bus…………..

About 2 in 1000000000 to be precise

I think it is far far more likely that I will die of a Myeloma related cause, in fact I would gamble my life on it!

I love this video, I don’t know why it makes me laugh so much, Jesus is being so positive and upbeat singing I will survive and then what happens…I won’t spoil the ending!

I know of 5 people between the age of 35 and 60 with…

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