Well, as expected, chemo effects are happening.

Tony’s mouth is all sore and his throat is hurting him.
He didn’t eat much today, as swallowing really hurts.  Nurse asked him on a scale of 1-10 (10 being bad) he gave it a 4.  They will give him something to relieve the pain.   I must read up on it more tomorrow or speak to the nurse. I’m not attempting to type the word she said as I cannot spell it.  (spell check isn’t helping me) Not sure if hot or cold foods sooth it.
I’m beginning to feel under the weather today.  Not sure if the -20 temperatures has anything to do with it or not.
It’s cold out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For someone who’s always HOT, I’m double layered with a turtle neck and loving it.  Oh, and a scarf. Today, during my visit I wore a mask, just in case.

This morning his hemoglobin was 77.  White blood count was 0.1.  We need to limit visitors for a couple of days until this number climbs back up again.  Platelets were 25.  His weight has been pretty stable since first admitted.  1-3 pounds up and down.

The doctor ordered one unit of blood for a transfusion.  Wait for it……no pre-meds.  What is that?  When I walked in, he was already hooked up and receiving it.  The doctor felt that it wasn’t necessary.  Reactions are rare and not to worry as he was in a hospital and if it did, they would get things under control again. Well, let me tell you that I never left his side during the entire time. I did not want to witness a fourth shake attack.   And, of course, as Tony said, no worries.  Have faith in the doctor.  No reactions this time.  Whew.

Let’s see what challenges face him tomorrow.
Let’s see how I feel in the morning.  I hope I don’t get worse.

Goodnight.  Stay warm Torontonians.