Valley Vineyards Steak Cookout

Rick took me to a really neat winery, Valley Vineyards.  On weekends, they have cookouts.  Steak or Salmon with a small buffet of side items as well as a dessert table.

It was really neat.  A very rustic place.  The 2nd oldest Winery in Ohio, next to Chalet Debonne in Madison.  (Amy, Wendy and I spent MANY evenings there.  What fond memories…..  Foggy, but fond!)

When you walk in the door, they send you directly to the lobby bar for an included wine tasting.

Once you pick your bottle, you go to your table.  (Rick had requested a table next to the fireplace).

Eventually, you pick out your own steak and cook it yourself.  They have both an indoor and an outdoor grill.

It was a neat evening.  I wasn’t really crazy about the side dishes that they offered, but the desserts were out of this world. (When bro saw me grab 2 plates, he was surprised.  I told him that I was just getting started!)

We’re thinking that this will be another annual tradition.