New Year, New Outlook

So first of all, massive apologies that it has taken me this long to post an update. I know that some of you who follow me have been in touch worried about me but I do have some excuses…I think. But anyway, Happy New Year to one and all!

When I last wrote things were pretty awful…I was deemed to be ‘moderately’ depressed by my doctor, largely she felt, because of the fact that I had suffered from early menopause. I felt more than moderately depressed! However, the good news was that she was brilliant and very quickly got me onto HRT and anti-depressants. She wasn’t convinced I would need the latter, but thought it was worth me trying them so that everything was in place for me to be able to have a good holiday with the family.

The great thing was that the tablets all worked really quickly! Now whether it was all due to the tablets, or partly due to psychological factors, I will never know, but I do know that within a few days I was feeling so much better…..and within a couple of weeks I was so chilled out I was practically vertical! Nick wonders why I didn’t start on them years ago ;-) And mentally I have been well ever since. I am back to the doctor this week, and hopefully I will start to come off the anti-depressants and still be fine given that the HRT should have taken over by now.

What else is there to update on? Well Christmas didn’t end up quite the way we had hoped in the end. Whilst my head had recovered, sadly just before Christmas I got ill with one of the common fluey things that was going round. Being immunocompromised, the result for me was that within hours, I was laid up in bed with a fever that I couldn’t shake, aches and shivers, and an awful cough. I put off calling the Out of Hours (it all happened the Saturday before Christmas) because I wasn’t convinced they’d do much…and called the Marsden on Monday morning…to be told to go straight to A&E to get a blood test! I had been borderline neutropenic at my last check up and so they felt it important to check that I hadn’t deteriorated as this can be really dangerous. 

So we passed the kids over to our very good friends, and hopped in the car, braving the winds that were building up. And off we went to Churchill in Oxford. The Marsden had been brilliant about understanding they were too far for me to travel, especially with the weather warnings, and set it up for me to avoid A&E. And I have to say that I can’t praise the Churchill enough. Bar the fact that they threatened to keep me over Christmas at one point, they had blood results within minutes and looked after Nick and I ( well me!) impeccably. Luckily they let me out by the end of the day with antibiotics and strict instructions to call in again if things got any worse. 

So the end result was that our plans to go up and stay with my sister for Christmas got cancelled and we had to have an emergency Christmas at home. Thankfully Nick was his usual amazing self, finished off all the preparations and went to get a chicken and some sprouts for the big day. And luckily I started to improve enough to be out of bed that day….and to enjoy his amazing Christmas dinner! And now things seem to be all well…just in time to go back to work – hurrah!

Anyway, the good news too, is that over that period, friends and family rallied together in helping me to achieve the first of my ’40 Challenges Before 40′ – see tab at the top of my blog for more details!. Over 40 of us donated money to Myeloma UK rather than sending Christmas cards (or sending as many as we normally would!)….we raised approximately £800 so are well on the way to the £4000 target I have set for the challenges. I think the next couple I’ll be looking for help with are Challenge no 8 – to get 40 people to give up something for lent and be sponsored for it, and Challenge no 11 – to get 40 businesses to donate £40 (or another amount). So if you can help, please get in touch!!

That’s all for now….and by the way, for those of you who think I don’t blog enough…one of my challenges is to write 40 blog entries in the next year so hopefully I’ll be writing every couple of weeks from now on!!