Mouth & Throat Sores are bad

I visited Tony this morning.  His mouth sore is the size of a toonie. Left side of tongue. It did look a wee bit better than yesterday.  However, his swallowing continues to be very challenging.  Words are slurred.  Very hard to understand him.  We mostly communicate via text messages.
When he took his oral medications, they just came right back up.
CANNOT SWALLOW ANYTHING!  He has a morphine button to press whenever he needs relief from the pain in mouth and throat.  Allowed to press it every five minutes.
And very fatigued.
Poor Tony.
Still in isolation.  This bug he is fighting is called Clostridium Difficile.  (C-Diff)
Today he received another unit of blood and another of platelets (with no premeds)
No reaction again.
They normally do blood work in the morning and tweak during the day.  This evening they are doing a check, instead of waiting for the morning……hummmmm
I wonder why? Tony says to check hemoglobin and platelets…..but why check twice in one day?

On a positive note, he did a full shower and wasn’t dizzy or weak.  Kept up with the washing.  Nurse disconnected him from his “pole” to shower freely.  He does look good in the face.  Facial and body hair is minimum. I imagine he will be losing a few pounds in the next couple of weeks to come :(

Hemoglobin 78
White blood count 0.1
Platelets 9