Let battle commence ….

…once again!

Unfortunately yesterday’s hospital visit informed us of the return of the Myeloma rats. They have become rampant once again and they need to be pushed back behind enemy lines. This time round the chemo will be stronger than ever before reaching a crescendo with a final bloody battle “The stem cell transplant”. This year we need to fight dirty. I need to be strong, both mentally and physically, and prepare for the fight as if it were a marathon. I will need to gather together the troops and will be grateful to have as many of you as possible, standing shoulder to shoulder with me as battle commences. I need to work out a strategy, a battle plan with military precision. I will need soldiers of all ranks to join forces and civilians to dig deep for victory. Your country (OK this particular girl) needs YOU.

Are you on board, willing and able?

This battle may be tough but the reward is life itself. Very soon there will be a cure for all cancers, so I just need to keep the rats away from the shore until it is found. To be prepared for what’s ahead it is good to know your enemy and what tricks they are likely to have up their sleeves.

See below a link to information about High Dose Therapy and Stem Cell transplant. You could miss out the bits about cell mobilisation, harvesting and collection. I have already done that bit and my stem cells are ready and waiting in a freezer somewhere.


It looks and sounds terrifying but many others have done it before me and have emerged out the other side, although a little battered and bruised, they are able to continue to enjoy a fulfilling existence. The transplant is often thought of as a rebirth and many myeloma sufferers celebrate an extra birthday, so thats something to look forward to and another summer party to plan.

Cancer has stolen my career, it took some of my hair and it has now taken my holiday to Portugal away it is NOT going to rob me of my life!

Are you with me ?

Thank you


PS Charles you wanted to know what you could do to help. I have a plan that will utilise your creative game producing skills. Give me al call xxx

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