January 12, 1975

That day I spent alone in the woods.  It dawned cold and crisp with snow in the air.  By the next day we had 6 inches of snow and 5 degree tempertures.  It was Sunday just like today? Ironic at least.
My mother and Aunt went to church , I declined.  Atheism’s roots and lingering doubt, abounding.  I climbed a nearby rock cliff and stood upon the near rock and saw and felt snow in the air.   Oh, now to reflect back to then.  I spent all morning there climbing and pulling myself up to nearby trees and thinking nothing….no worry just enjoyment of the moment.  My collie-shepard dog Hobo digging out a ground squirrel under a rock ledge nearby.   I now long to enjoy that again.   I can now even here sitting in my chair  40 years later remember the free feeling.  Being young,

I know I should not dwell upon the past, but 12 years old is such a good time…. actually a great time!  No cares, except adolescent ones.   Those cares though present, then pale to now!