January 1, 2014

This day has always been a time to reflect and note things.   My first remembrance surrounding this date in particular was 1970.  Later in 1980 I spent the night with my first girlfriend.  In 1986 my mentor Donald M. Heavrin, Attorney at Law told me, “This is the last day of 1986 remember it and me telling you this”  And I have!
I remember taking a walk in 1988, it was warm and sunny in Downtown Louisville KY , studying for the Bar exam.  I remember 2003 calling my first ex-wife and missing her badly.
Down through the years I vaguely remember drunken parties having the next day a massive hangover from too much whisky.
I will seek a memory of today,  perhaps it will be a walk weather permitting or something different,  I do not know!?  Now I go to feast upon my famous Cabbage casserole, Great Northern beans and monks bread….it is all I eat on this day since 1989? near about?