Well, they found a “bug” in his stool.  Apparently we all have it, but because his immunity is compromised, this bug excels.  So, they moved him to a private room, in isolation.  I didn’t go visit as I still felt under the weather yesterday, so we decided it would be best I didn’t go.  Our eldest went with some food and clean clothes.  He had to wear a mask, gloves and gown.

This morning he had a temperature of 97.7.
Hemoglobin is 81 (I’m sure he will need a transfusion tomorrow)
They began the Neupogin injections yesterday to stimulate stem cell growth.
I expect today will be his worst day.
He cannot keep food down.
I went to a FB support group and asked for some advice with regards to his sore mouth and throat.
Recommendations were baby food, ensure, biotene mouthwash, Kefir, Popsicles, clear soup, over cooked vegetables, “magic pink” (helped with numbing throat-lidocane).  Good advice. Good support group.
I’m going to bring him some baby food today and see how that works.  Tony is not cooperating with more information as to what they’re doing for him.  I need to see him.
Weather is warmer today.  Only -13 LOL  brrrrrr
Have a good one everybody.

No visitors for a bit please.