Happy New Year & Fingers Crossed

First of all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all.

We saw the new year in with a party of good friends, great food, amazing cocktails and some excellent live music.

We have had a good Christmas although the last week hasn’t been without some drama. Jem was admitted to hospital with bacterial pneumonia resulting with us having a little man to stay with us for five nights. He was a darling and no trouble at all and to tell the truth provided a welcome distraction from my own health issues. Although all that fun and games exhausted us all! image
I am pleased to say that Jem is on the mend and back home with her little boy now.

Today I must admit to feeling a little concerned as I have yet another hospital visit although I am trying to remain positive about the outcome. Unfortunately there is a small rise in my paraproteins, my calcium levels are up and I have developed a few tell tale symptoms. I am hoping these are not going to lead to my consultant recommending the next stage in treatment. Both Colin and I were looking forward to chasing that winter sunshine but that will depend on what the doctor has to say today so everything is being crossed. Myeloma is such a complex and very individual cancer and it has to be monitored very closely in order to stay on top of it. Careful assessing is required to establish the best course of treatment, if life is to be prolonged for as long as possible and as far as I am concerned for enough time for that elusive cure to be found. Whatever the outcome of today I know that I am surrounded by a loving family and caring circle of friends. I am also in the safe hands of some of the leading experts in Myeloma who will be doing their very best for me.

On another more cheery note I must share with you about how proud I am of my eldest daughter. Pollyanna has just been announced as one of the 25 inspiring stars in the NHS. She is passionate about making the difference to patients and although with her qualifications she could be making a lot more money working elsewhere she chooses to put her focus and energy into the NHS. Take a look at this link and see what the judges had to say about her.
http://www.hsj.co.uk/resource-centre/supplements/hsj-rising-stars/5066648.article#.UsUYuX8gGK1 That’s my girl!

Happy Birthday today mum I am planning to call you later with GOOD news.

Deborah x

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