Well, he did it.  Stayed awake till that midnight hour.  The hospital was a ghost town when I left at 12:30am. No one around, except nurses and security. (I did see the nurses drinking (?) and doing a midnight toast.  I dare not ask what was in their glasses….
A couple of friends joined us for a few hours to keep us company which was appreciated and enjoyable.
They say, “keep going on with your normal life.  Laughter is the best medicine”.
Well, we do (for the most part) and we did (laugh that is).

This morning the nurses asked to keep visitors at minimum.  He must wear a mask every time he walks out of his room.  He has to drag his pole with IV everywhere he goes.  It will be attached to him for his entire stay.  Did I blog that he named it?  Django, the “D” is silent.  (he loves Quinten Tarantino!)
He did have a runny nose this morning, but as the day went on, it stopped.
All of his doctors at the clinics are all away for the holidays, so we haven’t really seen any familiar faces during his stay, but they are all so nice.  Genuine.  Sincere.  Awesome!

Feels like I should blog something inspirational, but I’m just too exhausted and can’t think of anything right now.
Below is a photo taken last night, early evening.  (cannot figure out how to turn photo!!!! )
Here’s to a better year.